BMX stands for bicycle motocross. this sport is originated in America and was aimed for kids as a stepping stone for them to role-modelling a motocross

Nowadays, BMX has becoming trends as bikers seeing this as a new type of challenging sports and also a new opportunity in getting good sponsors for best action mountain ride and freestyler such as Redbull Rampage Event.

bmx picture 3Every year Redbull will sponsor Mountain Action BMX Rider to give their best shot and show their new tricks while riding BMX. Ofcourse only BMX artist can apply for that special event.

At S&M BMX we will talk and review about types of BMX you must choose, the good gear to get going and also the safety standards procedure you must use before get into action.

Remember this is not a kid playing tool. this is extreme sports with many risks. So you might want to gear up and put safety first before anything dangerous happens.